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Ideologies Vine: Conservatism


November 1, 2013 by chloemrdg1112

In the late 19th century, three ideologies- Conservatism, Nationalism, and Liberalism- all had a major influence on the social and political actions of Europe.  In the Vine that was created in class, flashcards were briefly shown with diagrams depicting the importance of tradition, hierarchy, and the monarchy in a conservative lifestyle.  Conservatives believed strongly in traditional values, and thought that innovation and reform lead to chaos, which they argued was demonstrated by the French Revolution.  In addition, Conservatives preferred the aristocratic form of government over a meritocracy, as it went along with their love of a social hierarchy.

The other two ideologies, Nationalism and Liberalism, were also influential to others in Europe.  Nationalism was the belief that people were united by a common culture, language and history. They wanted to revolt against foreign ruling powers, and felt a strong sense of patriotism.  Liberalist beliefs were contradictory to those of the conservatives.  They supported reform and innovation, and were against aristocracy, instead being in favor of a meritocracy.


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